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  • Are you looking for an app to get a new healthy yoga habit?
  • Yoganemon benefits your body with more than 40 asanas and 45 yoga sessions.
  • You can choose the type of yoga you want from our application, which is designed by experienced yoga instructors to guide you and offers a selection from beginner to advanced sessions.


  • Surf the Web with WebMan without seeing annoying ads.
  • WebMan aims to prevent or prevent the loading of specified/desired web pages, prevent malware and tracking, and block dangerous and unfavorable sites.
  • You can easily manage the custom domains and can create your own block list! The users can turn the corresponding category on or off.


  • Periodly is designed to follow your periods and ovulation days in a regular, healthy and easy way.
  • You can easily track your PMS, period, fertility, and ovulation days with the identity that was created in the information you provided.
  • If you are thinking about getting pregnant or want to avoid it, you can take precautions by following your calendar.


  • Findbee offers a new interface and improved user experience! Findbee is a real-time location application.
  • You can see the instant location of the people who use this app and share their location.
  • You can access the real-time locations of your friends and family member on the map and also you can see the battery percentage of your loved ones.

Photo Sticker Maker

  • Photo Sticker Maker lets you create customized stickers.
  • You can take your own photo and instantly clean the background and create great stickers.
  • You can create custom sticker packages.
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Yoganemon is now one of the apps I use daily. I started with the beginner videos and can't wait to go through to the end.

Junaid Hasan

Creating stickers has never been easier. Thanks Photo Sticker Maker!

Yasmin Akter